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Few dedicated professionals stayed in a company because of their desire to excel in every project or task assigned to them. It's their passion in doing what they love that made them stay to render their "services." 

Lucky bastards and bitches, meanwhile, held on to their positions because of the left and right freebies that they get from their employers.

For the average workers, it's the company of their colleagues that make their loads lighter because you know you have a bunch of people behind your back  (and who are willing to cover up for you) who would say, dude we're on the same boat.

And there are the "blessed employees" who are a combination of the first three descriptions.

I wish I am one of them.

I have yet to find my "perfect job." Being in the workforce for almost three years now, I hopped from one job to another in hopes of finally finding my place in this arena.I don't know if I'll get it right this time, but I won't stop searching and hoping until I reach my nirvana. I will continue my job hopping spree if that's the only way for me to finally realize this is where I belong...this is where I will excel... this is where I will realize the real essence of a career... this is where I will spend the rest of my life as an employee.

My career as a teacher ended too quickly and to be honest, I no longer intend to of now. Who knows what the future holds, right? But as of the moment, after my four-month teaching experience I know that it is something that I have to set aside, if not leave behind for good.

I am just really hoping soooo badly that things will finally workout for me. *crossed fingers*

Okay, enough of the drama. The reason for this entry, supposedly, is about my super delayed Baguio entry with the SPCP staff and maintenance but for some reason, I ended up putting into words those random/emo thoughts of mine above. Hmmmm, maybe because I know that at some point, I'll get to miss few people who became my friends for a very very short time.

I was never the friendly type of person. Not because I am a loner by nature but because I am too shy to talk to people because I get intimidated with their presence. Or sometimes, it's just the simple I-don't-like-you-I-prefer-to-be-alone-instead attitude that I'm entertaining.

The day I learned that the employees will have their summer outing in Baguio is one of my saddest days char haha!I don't know any of them aside from my department-mate and the rest are all aliens to me. I even considered backing out of the trip and instead go out-of-town with friends but for some reasons, I still ended up squeezing my stuffs inside a backpack.

I arrived in school at 9pm, almost an hour ahead of the scheduled departure. And my nightmare came---I don't know anyone so I decided to place my bag in one of the seats at the back of the bus and waited outside. Fastforward, two office staff sat near me and started talking to me. I instantly became comfortable with their presence especially after learning that one of them is a fellow Thomasian hehe! To cut the long story short, I ended up also talking and making kulit hehe.

I've been to Baguio a couple of times, the last time I went there was in 2007 I think. The city's pretty much the same only this time, there are more people "cooling" themselves on the scorching heat on the Month of May. Our first stop was at the Manaog Church. The original plan was to hear mass but since we arrived at 3am we decided to just offer candles and prayers.

We arrived at the Summer Capital of the Philippines at around 7am and headed to the Burnham Park where we will have our breakfast before our "city tour." The moment I stepped out of the bus, I can feel the cold breeze this city is famous for!Yahooo, time for some cooling :) Anyway, we ended up eating in one of the carinderias and had tapsilog for breakfast. 

First stop: PMA.  The first and last time I went here was way back in 2003 when we had our retreat/field trip in Baguio. I get to appreciate the place more during my recent trip since I saw PMA's other side...and cadets jogging around. No cutie, though haha!

A trip to Baguio wouldn't be complete without visiting the Botanical Garden. The place improved compared to my last visit or maybe it is because the flowers were in full bloom last May. Anyway, there's also a new mini-garden/cave/buddha trail there, so yeah that one was new. 

Grabbed our one hour lunch break at SM City Baguio before proceeding to the Good Shepherd and Mines View Park for some sight-seeing and pasalubong shopping. By 3pm, we're all dead tired and decided to return to the bus to rest and prepare for our trip to Pico where we'll be spending the night.

It took us more or less an hour to finally reach Pico since it is outside Baguio already  but the place is actually cooler. The bus stopped at the side of the road and from there, we carried our bags and prepare for a five-minute trek. It was a difficult climb considering the place is to steep plus my backpack is quite heavy. Super haggardness yet I feel "accomplished" when I saw the Mount Saint Paul Retreat House marker. Yehesss! My room mate was still my seatmate, Maan and we wasted no time plunging on the bed. I almost dozed off instantly but for some strange reasons, I managed to stay awake until 10pm. I keep on complaining that it's hot in our room since it's not well ventilated but I am too thankful that we were assigned in that room since we heard others complaining that they've been bugged by insects during the night. Yay!

I can say that I had a good sleep that night since I only woke up once---at 12 AM and hurriedly shut my eyes fearing that I'll see a white lady or a headless body walking in the corridor or standing inside our room yay! We got up at past six in the morning as we prepare to leave. While waiting for our breakfast to be served, we went to Damascus Hill, just inside the retreat house, to have some photos taken. Pang portfolio namen, so to speak. 

Our second day itinerary only include three places: Strawberry Farm, Burnham Park, and the Grotto. After our breakfast, we immediately left the place and went straight to the Strawberry Farm, which I think is just 15mins away from the retreat house. It was my first time to go there and I told myself that even if I'm no strawberry fan, I want to feel how it is to personally pick them haha Unfortunately since it was raining the other night, it was still muddy so I decided to just buy a kilo of strawberries (even if I'm not sure who will eat them haha).

Due to some unfortunate incidents, BIG thanks to the trusty bus, the plan of going to the Grotto was scrapped. Instead we headed to the Baguio Cathedral to attend mass before leaving for Manila. The rain kept pouring. After the mass, we hurriedly grabbed a quick lunch since the bus will leave 12:30 pronto. The rain got worse as we traversed the roads which by that time already had a zero visibility. Thank God, we were safe.

As I make this entry, I can't help but somehow feel nostalgic. I didn't expect that I'd be enjoying the trip, but I did despite the hassles and it's all because of the people who stayed with me. I'll surely miss them and I'm just glad that this is one of the best memories I'll take with me as I left SPCP next month. I am just too happy to meet them.

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