Sunday, June 12, 2011

You are cordially invited to.....

" Nakikita ko sa iyong palad, magmamadre ka...ayan ang letter M."

Those were the words that Sr. Consuelo Celis, SPC (whom I met last month during the congress) told me while we were at the PS building lobby. "Sister, eto si madie and she will be joining us," she told one of the sisters who just passed by. I can't stop laughing because of her playfulness---first, she claimed that she is a palm reader and second, her persistence in recruiting me. Although her pep talk is kinda informal, I know that she is dead serious with her intention. I told her that I really had no intentions of joining their congregation and besides, I didn't hear bells inviting me to the path of vocation to which she replied that many nuns in their congregation were lawyers, accountants, and teachers who came from rich families and eventually left their earthly desires just to serve God. She even encouraged me to attend one of their meetings in order to help me decide where should I go--- married life, single-blessedness, or vocation. I can't remember exactly how we parted ways since I was overwhelmed with what's happening hahaha On my way out of the building, another sister approached me and offered me candies. So even if I'm not in the mood for a basketful of candies, I decided to get one. Success, I was able to elude them, I told myself.

Back on my table, I started working again and just as I am about to open the green wrapper of what I assume as Maxx's candy, I was surprised to see this:
 IKR their marketing, errr... recruitment strategy was weird and funny at the same time. It never crossed my mind that their invitation will come in plastic candy wrappers. I really can't help but smile after seeing this that I dished out the idea of eating it. As of this writing, it remains unopened. Haha!

I can't forget that afternoon encounter with Sr. Consuelo that slowly, I was beginning to entertain the tiny voices playing inside my head, what if it's my destiny?what if I'm meant to be there?what if I'll find my true purpose there?

  Maybe, I really have a calling. A nun attending my christening?
I was sent to a Catholic institution during my student years. I know almost all the prayers that every Catholic should know by heart. During my grade school to high school days, we would always recite the Morning prayer aside from the novena prayer for our beloved foundress.The praying of the holy rosary is done every Tuesdays and Thursdays. First Friday masses, meanwhile, is celebrated as a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In addition, we also have our very early class masses with the sisters, yearly recollections (tuna and ham sandwich for merienda and adobo for lunch...ALWAYS!), retreats for the graduating students, masses for the feast of our patron saints, confessions, and novena every October to the Our Lady of La Naval. During my college years, theology accompanied us until our last year as a student although I didn't feel much the above-mentioned religious activities I experienced before, well except for the prayer before and after classes and the centralized Angelus prayer which I think is a standard operating procedure in each Catholic school hehehe. 

K-II graduation circa 94 with Sr. Estrella Pangan, OP 
Aside from these religious activities, the nuns in black and white habit are a common sight for us---in the library, canteen, registrar's office, and outside the convent watering the plants. Of course, they're also present in every program in school to give their welcome remarks and will soon vanish into thin air even before the program ends. As a young and innocent child (wala ng kokontra kasi), me and my classmates would race and compete against each other as to who gets to make mano to the sister first. I don't know why we take so much pride before of that mano thingy but as we reached the higher levels, we would just greet and smile at them and watch little kids flocked around them, remembering those forgone days. Luckily, our sisters were nice naman. These simple childhood memories of mine are the closest encounter that I had with nuns.After almost a decade, I never thought that I'd be working and get exposed with nuns again haha! 

Honestly, I'm pondering on the idea of getting inside the convent, not today nor next year or the year after that  but maybe SOMEDAY... someday when I realize that maybe I'm destined for vocation. Someday when I am finally certain that it's what I really want to do with my life. Someday...someday, when God taps me on the back and told me to leave EVERYTHING behind.  Or maybe the Creator has other plans for me like getting married and have children or be a single lady forever and ever. Whatever His plans for me---marriage, single-blessedness, or vocation, I am willing to accept my fate.

As  Mama Mary said, Thy will be done. Whatever is installed for me in the future, I completely lift it to the Almighty.

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