Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just dropping by to say Hi!

Hibernation mode momentarily off.

Awesome  is the perfect word that would describe how the month of May turned out for me. Too bad I wasn't able to update this blog during those times and instead chose to go website hopping or do online stalking (my fave haha). I'm making myself a deal to devote one day to share about these awesome experiences I had and hopefully, I'll be successful on this goal...well, easier said than done hehe. But definitely, I need to go back to writing as soon as possible since I'll be needing this skill (ehem ehem haha) in the very very near future. Funny that I claimed that writing/blogging is one of my hobbies yet I am too lazy to type on the keyboard what I have in mind (facebook status?haha) or how my week went or the most interesting thing that happened to me recently. Yes, I am lazy and choose to lurk around, hopping from one website to another and do online stalking harhar. Although the past nights, my website hopping has a specific and very important purpose. Anyway, I just dropped by and hopefully by the time I signed-in again, I'll be able to share my May experiences. There were a handful of stories that I really want to share like my encounters with the SPC sisters encouraging me to join them, my Baguio bonding moments with my new officemates, falling in love in Calaguas Island, my first snorkeling experience in Coron, watching a concert--- which is outside of school--- for the first time (haha IKR I'm such a loser), attending a recollection once more, and receiving a good news.Those stories I'll be sharing soooooon.

Gotta go and need to catch my Zzzzzzzzzzs since I still have work tomorrow. 

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