Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Spies

One of the most well-loved spies on the boob tube
The episode reruns of Chuck make my Saturday mornings less boring, thanks to JackTV. I really love the show because of its comedic/spy-ish treatment. Actually, it's only last year that I showed interest on this series after discovering that the whole two seasons were readily available, thanks to the company's IT guys. It was really not my intention to open the Chuck folder but since the downloaded movies didn't interest me, I decided to give it a shot. I soon find myself watching every single episode during my shift and I finished it just in time before the premiere of season 3. No more backlogs haha!

Season 4 ended a couple of months back, with Chuck moving heaven and earth to get the antidote that would save Sarah's life, the couple finally tying the knot, the castle's operation and intersect project being shut down for good (???), revelation of Agent X's true identity and the CIA's part on that first human intersect project, the gang's decision to be freelancer spies, the CIA bad guy who gave a glimpse of what's in store for the next season, and of course, the "intersect-less" Chuck. The last scene definitely cracked me up, with season 5 starting off with the new human interessct----Morgan Grimes. I'm really excited to see the hilarious and clumsy Morgan "save" the day. LOL.

Rumors has it that season 5 might be the last one for Chuck *sobs* since the show's rating is unstable, prompting NBC to scrap the show...and changed their minds and give Chuck another 13 episodes for season 5. While I'd like to thank NBC for extending the show, I think 13 episodes is not enough haha I want more, more, more haha. If they will not extend the series, at least the fans deserve more than 13 episodes :) Chuck, I think, is also ripe for harvesting. If it's really time for the show to wrap up, so be it. The show and its characters really evolved, especially Chuck. From a lousy spy who depended on the intersect in his head, I've seen how he improved and became a good spy, with or without the intersect. John Casey and Sarah Walker also transformed from cold, emotionless, and fierce agents to soft and loving individuals. Casey's fatherly side was also interesting for me since he's character is very stiff, very macho, and tough. As for Sarah, I love how she embraced the idea of falling in love and accepting it despite her fears. Well, Morgan is still goofy and I love his weird facial expressions ;p Plus, the older Bartowski couple's return shed light on what really happened to their family. Oh, and before I forget, the Chuck-Sarah love story is also a-okay! I'm a fan of them especially Sarah who's really really hot :)

Whatever the future holds for this show and whether or not they get extended for a season or not, Chuck is really one of the most entertaining geek shows ever! I'll really miss the show once it gets off-air anytime from now :(

By the way, here's my favorite clip from the show. The ending was just off haha. The scene still made me kilig nonetheless.


  1. I have to admit that I used to like this show. Back in the days where the Buymore scenes in the first few seasons made my day wonderful especially Jeffster, and Big Mike as Rain. Those moments really captured my interest. Even Agent Roan gave me the comic side of being James Bond-ish. It was fun before. Yeah, it was. Of all seasons in Chuck, I nonetheless give my vote for Season 2. It was awesome.

    Unfortunately, I remember reading somewhere that this coming season would be Chuck's last. The sad thing is, almost two or three episodes to go last season, I decided to give up on the show. I dunno. Maybe I'm too disappointed for the cast and the story.

    Anyway, it's such a nice read. Regards! :)

  2. Mine was season 3 because of the intersect 2.0 haha, ang cool e and Chuck wouldn't look as stupid as before since he "knows" a lot of fighting skills na;p Yeah, the show's about to end na daw but I'm hoping that the original 13 episodes get extended and then have a kick-ass finale, and I'm ready to let go of the show lol.

    Aw, maybe your interest on the show die a natural death since there are other shows that are really worth-seeing.

  3. Actually, I loved the show. Yeah, it did die somehow.

    Season 2 would still be my bet. Hahaha. They all have their solo arc story. Even jeffrey as a great arcade gamer and a chick magnet, who wouldn't be surprised for that?

    Anyhow, thanks for sharing this one. Take care madie. =)