Sunday, August 7, 2011

In A State of Crisis

Words are uncooperative, ideas too elusive, and inspiration is still missing. I tweeted this one 22 hours ago and I can't believe that I'm still suffering from a state of crisis. I'm pretty sure that it's not writers' bloc (obviously, it's not since I can still make an entry) that's preventing me from writing what I'm suppose to do but lack of motivation and inspiration...and laziness. There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth, I finally admit one of the reasons why I can't start a thing or two haha! Since Friday night, I'm trying to motivate myself to finish the task as soon as possible. I didn't force myself to write either. I really took my time- I watched TV, surf the net, blog, sleep, and even went outside the house, only to return without any single thought or idea playing in my head. Or maybe, I'm not that eager to write this thing because of the things that happened in the past plus, the material that was given is not that impressive. *morning rants!*

 Come Holy Spirit, I need you
 Ang labo ng takbo ng interview e, badtrip. Not because you interviewed someone who came from a reputable institution and your interviewee is a PhD holder or a lawyer, you're already assured of a good interview. A good interview is first and foremost, asking the right questions and getting the right people. And by the authorities, I'd like to emphasize that they should not be limited to those  professors from this top university or the country's top surgeon but someone who has an extensive experience  on the said matter.Someone who can explain the concepts better. Someone who'll guide you. I'm simply disgusted with the flow of the interview that's why I'm still having a hard time here.   

Haaaay... I just hope that soon I'll get past this irritating situation I'm in. And to borrow a line from one of my fave songs, let me sing in a very loud and scandalous voice.... I need inspiration not just another negotiation ;-(


  1. Do not force yourself to write. Wait and everything will be fine sooner or later. =)

  2. haha yeah I know. Don't force the issue :) thanks