Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last Friday Night.

I'm not a fan of movies shown in 3D cinemas because I find wearing the glasses so uncomfortable. Add to that, I also felt dizzy all throughout the movie which I experienced when I had my first taste of 3D courtesy of Toy Story 3. I thought it was just normal for first timers to feel dizzy and all but when I had my second 3D experience, I still feel uneasy and that made me decide to just go for movies shown in regular cinemas (which is also cheaper by the way).

I'm also not fond of watching suspense/thriller/horror movies. Yes, I haven't see The Ring or The Grudge but I knew that watching the first few installments of Shake, Rattle, and Roll franchise was part of my childhood. I always end up scaring myself to death to the point that I cannot sleep. I swear!Since then, I showed no interest to any movie of the said genre. I mean, the reason why I watch a movie is to be entertained and I find no entertainment in horror films. Yes, I am a chicken, no doubt haha!

Last Friday I met with my bestfriend Emma after work. The original plan was to hang-out with my hs buddies on a Saturday night but since some of them gave a dozen excuses for the nth time (which happens all the time), I texted her that we should push through with our plan. Supposedly, we'll have our dinner at Ayala Triangle but she suggested that we see a movie. And before I could answer sure, she already made a choice:  Final Destination. Great. Did I just mention I haven't seen any of its installment? Um...well, I think I did see the first Final Destination movie starring Devon Sawa but I only watched some scenes of it. Emma just laughed and told me that it'll be fun. And because we hardly see each other despite the close proximity of our houses, I decided to give it a shot since I can't remember the last time we had our girl bonding. We wasted no time and headed to Greenbelt to catch the 7:20pm screening. Funny that we almost got lost because we are not familiar with the area haha! I even joked her, sana nag Megamall na lang tayo since we can easily find our way there. I enjoyed the experience of getting lost with her though haha! Oh, the good old days...

Anyway, we finally reached Greenbelt 3 before 7pm. I'm already smiling secretly since we cannot find the screening time. Yes, lusot ako....asa! While looking at the screening time of the movies, I almost froze when I saw FINAL DESTINATION 5 in 3D! Pak! Emma just smiled and paid for our tickets, maybe she's guilty for dragging me to this movie that's why she decided to treat me haha.Seryoso in 3D? I kept repeating to her before we enter the cinema. Gusto kong ma-stress was her answer. She'll follow it with an evil laugh. I kept on complaining why do we have to do this to ourselves? I mean stressing ourselves with this kind of movie?Good thing we love each other :)) 

And so the movie started. It was so-so and I almost feel asleep until the protagonist Sam (Nicholas D'Agosto who motivated me to watch the movie's entirety) had his premonition on the bridge that collapsed which totally surprised and almost gave heart attacks to almost everyone inside the movie house. I swear, it's my first time to watch a movie with my hands all over my face. The way the characters died one by one is soooooooo heartbreaking, brutal, and...and...simply gross! First the gymnastics team practice scene which is really bothersome followed by the bloody trip to the spa scene and the confrontation in the factory (wait, is that a factory in the first place?haha!). Well, the death of Peter (Miles Fisher who looks like a younger Tom Cruise) is not that brutal as well as that of Sam's. But Sam's beau, Molly (Emma Bell) who survived in his premonition was not spared by death. I know her death was tragic because I covered my eyes haha. But the scene that really made my knees shake was that of Olivia's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) death. 
Anyway, the death of boss Dennis (David Koechner) was something I did not expect to happen too soon since I'm still trying to recover from the scene in the factory. I kinda foresaw Nathan's end (Arlen Escarpeta) since the last scene is very obvious. Well, there goes the "you cannot cheat death" saying for the lucky eight survivors.

It was really crazy haha! My eyes were all teary all throughout the film and I gasped and laughed heavily just to shrug off these bothersome scenes. I kept on joking Ems, 3D pala gusto mo ha, pwes eto na since she's also been affected by the movie. She would reply to me, Ulitin naten! And we both just laughed. But seriously, it was the longest movie I've ever seen in my entire life. It's just whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! As I've said I'm not used to watching these kinds of movies and up until now I'm still bothered and paranoid haha!  

After the movie, Ems and I had our "intimate" dinner in McDo haha! I really miss our conversations before. It's funny that we never ran out of stories to tell, dreams to share, plans that we hope would materialize, and tiny bits of  frustrations here and there....and yeah, some reminiscing/exchange of stories concerning our favoRRRRRRRite people. I'm just happy that she's doing well now. After all it's been years already and I'm just proud how she finally accepted the consequences of her decision. It's always for the best and even if I don't agree with her decision before, she knows too well that I am supportive of her. Besides, she knows that the reason why I did not favor her decision before was because I don't want her to get hurt but of course, her reasons were more sound. It's always family comes first for her. And I love her for that even more. The conversation even went on while we're on our way home. I just feel so happy talking to her again. I have had issues with her before when we were in college and I know that she's making up for those times. I just wish that we'll do this catching up moments often. I really miss our boding time.


  1. The last time I watched a 3D film was last year. Resident Evil, I think. From what I've heard, watching 3D is not good to our eyes so I opted not view films in that version.

    It reminds me of my friends back in high school. Bonding is a time to catch up. A time to remember. A time to grow up. :)

  2. I prefer watching in regular cinemas talaga.Ah talaga it's not good for the eyes?good thing I'm not affected haha.

    yes, bonding time brings lots of memories and also gives new hope ;p