Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sing-Along Wednesday: My Heart's Thanksgiving

Dear Lord,
We experienced nature's wrath once more as typhoon Pedring unleashed heavy rains and strong winds across Luzon yesterday. I'm thankful to You for keeping me and my family safe throughout the day. However, the sight of despair and fear were all over the place. Rivers overflowed, several trees uprooted, flooded streets that eventually penetrated several houses, roofs flew all over the place, billboards collapsed, children and elders cried out of deep fear, several families squeezed themselves in small evacuation centers without enough supply of food and medicines, thousands of passengers got stranded because of the bad weather, and several places suffered from power outrage as strong winds toppled many electric posts. It was really tragic my Lord, five people even died because of this catastrophe.

Lord, please give strength to the victims of typhoon Pedring. May they find peace in their hearts and courage to face another day. Lord, guide them on what they should do next. Times are hard for us Filipinos and the tragedy even made it harder for most of us. Guide us to the right path and keep us away from harm especially that two typhoon will possibly enter the country in the coming days. Spare their properties especially their lives. Protect them from harm and danger. This I ask in Your most holy name.Amen.


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