Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zo Gay Zaturday with Ze Eaztern Babiez

Met with the NACS- Rizal/Marikina aka NACS-East Chapter babies yesterday for a movie date at the so-called mall to-be: Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall.Pak! ;p

We were supposed to meet between 12 and 1pm. I was there before 12 since I went straight to Sta. Lu after my second appointment with my ob. However, since the gang was led by the ultimate late Beth Marcelo they arrived at 1:40pm!Wahaha I admit that I lost my patience since I was not supposed to go there because I'm in a  terrible mood. I'm actually preparing to make my grand walk-out that afternoon as 1:30pm nears but 2 minutes before that, Beth texted me that they're already inside the mall. I was fuming mad and irritated at the sight of them while they kept on laughing. They even had this theory that my failure to reply to their texts immediately is a sign that maybe I fainted already since I've been on hunger strike since Friday night. Anyway, I was surprised to see Bulacan girl Kay and newbie Dorsell who is a new NACS-East Chapter baby since she represents the municipality of Tanay. The Antipolo boys duo is not complete though. The original back-out king Rei told me that back-out prince Eddie went home and even told me while we're having lunch of their plans to sabotage the La Union trip haha! I really miss my NACS family especially the Eastern babies!
With Beth (photo in left) and Antipolo boys Eddie (left) and Rei (right) during last year's MAMD party. Also in the pic is the ultimate NACS "dear" Luis.
We watched Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Syokot si Remington. The movie was simply brilliant! Gay movies are widely accepted nowadays and celebrated because of its quality. Think movies with gay themes like Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Soliven, Markova, and well even Love of Siam. I mean, these gay movies do not really exploit gays but rather the brains behind these gay movies aim to raise public awareness that these gay people should not be hated or loathed or discriminated.

The invasion of gay cinemas;p
Back to the movie. I love how the movie covered all genres: comedy, drama, suspense/thriller, sci-fi /fantasy, and romance.Complete package, huh? Not all gay movies are like that- it's either romantic comedy, comedy, or drama for them but this movie made the impossible possible! Mart Escudero' portrayal of a gay, at least for me, is convincing. Kissing scenes between two men in Filipino movies are acceptable nowadays but that kissing scene of Escudero and Kerby Zamora was really cute and hilarious that I can't contain my laughter. By the way, Zamora's acting was also good, maybe his experience with indie films (I heard he made some indie movies before but I'm not really sure) developed his acting skills further. Lauren Young's acting was so-so but the girl is still a fresh leg so definitely she'll improve overtime...hopefully. Nevertheless, she's pretty on the big screen. Of the veteran actors who took part in the movie---Eugene Domingo, Odette Khan, Janice de Belen, Daniel Fernando, and even former starlet Leandro Baldemor--- I loved Roderick Paulate and John Regala's elegant acting. Simple yet superb.

Over-all, I love the movie's treatment because it's soooo  refreshing to watch. The creative minds behind this movie really raised the bar in coming up with movies of the same theme in the future. Definitely (and hopefully), future film producers and scriptwriters who intend to do a bolder gay movie should look back at this movie, point out its weakness, and from that weakness develop a more creative story. Whew!That's quite a challenge since this movie has its own craziness and twists to boast of. For one, although the ending of the movie is quite predictable I somehow didn't see the "big switch" coming because of a previous scene wherein an extra character was supposed to assume the place of Remington (Escudero). The "big switch" is really the most touching part of the movie for me. And the use of gay lingo in this movie, which gave us headaches and tummy aches in a good way,  is also unique. Talking about uniqueness at its best, the movie was smart enough to translate these becky words for an ordinary straight human being to have a glimpse and understanding of the very colorful gay lingo. Kalurkey much! Too bad that the very high tech cinema where we watched sucks big time since the translations were at the "bedrock" of the screen so we can't really understand the gay lingo that much.Boooooo! The movie is really award!

Here are my top 5 scenes of the movie:
5.  Reminiscing childhood memories atop the tree                                           
With malice or not?photo credit here
4. The "surprise" visitor
You've got a visitor...under your sheets! photo credit here
3. Getting acquainted with the "creatures" of the other world
Magpakita ka samen! photo credit here
2. Bongga ka RemingGAYton!
You are the dancing gay, young and sweet.. credit here
1. Stairs to heaven
Talo-talo na! Photo credit here
 After the movie, we explored the mall to-be by dropping to an UKAY-UKAY shop! Yes, there's an UKAY-UKAY shop inside the mall!Award! One cinema was converted to an ukay-ukay haven and it's really a heaven for us ukay-ukay supporters haha. By the way, my appreciation for ukay-ukay was influenced by my former NACS-Morning Girls chapter. I really enjoyed our UK escapades before haha! Because of budget constraints, I only bought this decent top for P150 which, other UK veterans will still find expensive.
Welcome addition to my office wardrobe yey!
After exploring the UKAY world, we accompanied Dorsell at the Planet Toys. Everytime I go inside a toy store, the child in me gets all hyped up. Well, I think that applies to all of us. Those toys from our childhood past still really have magic over us. It's as if Barbie still whispers in my ear, come let's play. 

Worlds of Fun was the last stop for us NACS-East Chapter babies (Me, Beth, and Rei). We enjoyed the bump car and caterpillar (rides) haha That's how babaw our kaligayan is. We also had our shooting practice and as a result, we collected 30 tickets. We had our dinner and chit-chat at Jollibee until we all agreed to call it a day.

Zweeet Zaturday indeed. Tomorrow will be the start of another work week. Sigh. Long weekend, anyone?;p

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